Murdering owner of the Cobra Club


Cobra was part Demon, able to hypnotize and manipulate people. This was both how he managed to kill Tina and Candy, and also how he managed to get away from the Cast at the end of the first episode. He was last seen being pulled into a black Limousin, supposedly belonging to “Underboss” himself.


Cobra had the habit of putting his mark on all his dancers: A tattoo of a Cobra, allowing him to enter their dreams and torment them. After he raped and abused a dancer named Samantha she quit, and meant to start a good life with her husband. However, six months before Episode 101 Samantha’s husband stepped out in front of a truck. And while the police quickly named it a suicide, Samantha has blamed Cobra for it.

Cobra was forced to kill Candywhen she accidentally discovered information tying him to the “Underboss”. And in order to cover up this murder he was also forced to kill another of his strippers; Tina. He also killed his attorney and posed as him to evade the Heroes at the end of Episode 101.

Cobra was pulled into a Limousin to be confronted by a person he feared very much at the end of the episode, apparently being punished for failing to keep the information from reaching Councilman Gates.


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