New Sparta
The city of tomorrow. you know, if tomorrow was all dark and scary like.

The city of New Sparta.

New Sparta was founded by Mormons in 1876. Its a metropolitan city, often described as the New York of the Western seaboard. Located in Jefferson State, between California and Washington, New Sparta is the population center of the state. But it is far from the only expansive city in Jefferson.

City Officials:

The city is handled efficiently by Mayor Willis, a former policeman turned politician. Mayor Willis is famed for his plain way of speaking and matter-of-factness, putting him on edge with the majority of the cities politicians. Still, the fact of the matter is that Mayor Willis enjoys a roaring 92% aproval rating from the people of the city. Police commissioner Payne is a close friend of Mayor Willis and has managed to lift the city out of its “roaring nineties” when crime skyrocketed in the chaos left behind by the destruction of organized crime. District Attorney Michelle Lane is the third part of this “trinity”, who together with Mayor Willis and Commissioner Payne brought down the mob and rebuilt the city from the ruins of the war on drugs which had decimated much of the city. Another figure of note is councilman Gates, an outspoken critic of the Winters Investment Group.

Famous Locations:

The city makes most of its money in the expansive business district, and the New Sparta stock exchange is among the most technologically advanced in the US. Most of New Sparta was constructed, or rebuilt, by the Winter Investment Group. Resulting in a highly advanced and stylized architecture in the urban centers, especially those surrounding the Business district. The most advanced of these urban centers is the tranquil New Haven, which houses a park twice the size of Central Park known simply as Eden.

Other areas, specifically the Dockland was not rebuilt to be a urban center but was instead made to be efficient and spacious. Being the number one port on the Western seaboard, Dockland takes in and stores thousands of containers every week. It is also the only major port in the US that scans and checks every single container that passes through it, again thanks to the cutting edge technology of the Winter Investment Group. Also located not far from the Dockland is the power plant region Edison, where the majority of power required to power not only New Sparta, but half of Jefferson State is located.


One of the most recognizable landmarks in both New Sparta and the US is the famed Dove Tower, home to the richest and most powerful men and women of the city.

Public Transportation:

Both the subway system and monorail system are among the safest and cleanest in the world, but the experimental Pod Car system promises to be the public transportation of the future as soon as it is thoroughly tested. The public testing of the Pod Car System offers its “test pilots” a substantial tax break for participating in the project. The Pod Car System is handled by the non-profit Samuelson Institute, and has despite attempts of purchase from the Winters Investment Group managed to remain in the institutes control.

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